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A new factory to produce vegetable oil and soap has been set up in Hassakeh province under the control of Kurdish-dominated authorities, according to local media reports, some of which have linked the project to a war profiteer who has grown increasingly prominent throughout the conflict.


Food and Agriculture


Syria’s wheat imports dropped significantly last year, falling by 44 percent, according to the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Protection’s annual report.

Oil and Gas


Syria imported oil products worth USD 820 million between July and December last year, the prime minister said, giving a rare insight into a vital sector that is often defined by a lack of transparency.



Displaced people from Hujeira, a town south of Damascus, are required to obtain prior security approval from the General Intelligence Directorate before returning to their homes, years after most of them fled battles in the area.



The European Union has rejected appeals from two Syrian businessmen to be removed from its sanctions lists, including one figure who had already been delisted by the EU Council, sending a confusing signal for other sanctioned individuals seeking to cut regime ties in exchange for relief from sanctions.



The rapidly rising cost of living in Syria and widespread frustration with the government’s inability to halt the deteriorating conditions have led to some surprising—if still limited—displays of discontent in recent weeks, including critical posts on social media and even small demonstrations.



Positive cases of Covid-19 recorded in Syria reached 42,362 this week, up from 40,369 a week earlier, while Jordanian authorities started to administer free vaccines to Syrian refugees in the country.


  • Al-Hasnaa Food Industry

    Al-Hasnaa Food Industry is a food production company. Established in 1987, the company operates out of the Adra Industrial City. It produces a variety of canned goods and other foodstuffs, including beans, peas, olive oil, ketchup, pomegranate molasses and jams.

  • Al-Ostora for Food Industry

    Al-Ostora for Food Industry is a food manufacturer. It is based in the Adra Industrial City and produces candies, including jelly-filled marshmallow candies under the Figaro brand. It was founded in 2019.

  • General Organisation for Cattle

    The General Organisation for Cattle is a government agency. It is affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture and is based in Hama. It operates in the livestock sector, specifically cattle.

  • General Organisation for Poultry

    The General Organisation for Poultry is a government agricultural agency. It is based in Damascus and specialised in the poultry sector. It is affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture and encompasses 11 facilities for raising and producing poultry, distributed throughout most of Syria\'s governorates. 

Official Gazette

حقوق السكن والأراضي والممتلكات


حظي حق الملكية بالحصة الأكبر من الإهتمام في التشريع السوري، بينما حظي حق الحيازة باهتمام أقل، في حين غاب حق السكن بشكل شبه كامل.


ما زال الحصول على موافقة أمنية مسبقة من المخابرات العامة "أمن الدولة" هو الشرط اللازم لعودة الأهالي إلى بلدة حجيرة جنوبي دمشق.


تحاول ميليشيا لواء القدس الفلسطينية المتمركزة في حلب، الهيمنة على مخيم النيرب لللاجئين الفلسطينيين في حلب والذي يُعتبر المهد الذي انطلق منه اللواء قبل 9 سنوات.

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