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ما هي أبرز القوانين والمراسيم التي قاربت قضايا الملكية الأرض والسكن منذ العام 2011

رقم القانون تاريخ صدوره اسم القانون نبذة عنه

Tensions Rise as Syria’s Cost of Living Surges by 93 Percent

The rapidly rising cost of living in Syria and widespread frustration with the government’s inability to halt the deteriorating conditions have led to some surprising—if still limited—displays of discontent in recent weeks, including critical posts on social media and even small demonstrations.

Hujeira: Security Approval Required for Return

Displaced people from Hujeira, a town south of Damascus, are required to obtain prior security approval from the General Intelligence Directorate before returning to their homes, years after most of them fled battles in the area.

The Most Notable Laws and Decrees Issued in Syria Over the Past Decade Related to HLP Issues

Law Number Date of issue Name of law Details
Legislative Decree No.